Arthritis Making Reading Difficult? Maybe An E-reader Is For You


My grandmother was a voracious reader. I don’t remember her without a dog eared paperback in her hand, be it a juicy Harlequin Romance or a murder mystery.  She passed the “Bookworm Gene” down to my mother and my mother passed it on to me.  My grandmother stopped reading about  15 years ago when her vision began deteriorating and she could no longer comfortably hold a book due to arthritis in her hands.  I remember how saddened I was that she no longer had the pleasure of escaping into a good book.

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Cooking Tips For Arthritis: Simple Solutions for Opening, Cutting and more

opening a jar- cooking tips for arthritis

For many people with arthritis, coping with food preparation can present difficult challenges. Opening a jar, chopping an onion and even washing dishes can be difficult with a sore thumb or fingers.  Pain and joint swelling can be warning signs that your joints are being too heavily used. In general it is a good idea to modify your approach to painful activities to prevent further damage to your joints.  There are several things that you can do to minimize these stresses while still getting things done. Here are some cooking tips for arthritis.

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Will Yoga Help My Arthritis?

yoga for arthritis

The aches and pains of arthritis can really disrupt regular life and finding productive ways to help eliminate pain is an important step towards feeling happier and healthier. In the past, doctors might have warned against trying yoga. Today the thinking has changed. Keep reading to answer the question will yoga help my arthritis?

Instead of damaging joints, the practice …

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