My Toes Are Crooked– What Can I Do About My Bunions ?


It’s that time of year again—the weather is getting warmer and your switching from boots and closed toed shoes to sandals and flip flops. If you are one of the thousands of people who have crooked toes you may not be so happy about the change in footwear. Crooked toes are not always just a cosmetic concern, they can be …

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What is Trigger Finger and What Causes It?

trigger finger

What Is Trigger Finger?
If you wake up with your finger stuck in a bent position, feel a pop when you try to straighten it or have to use your other hand to open your finger, you may have Trigger Finger.

What Causes It?
Trigger finger happens when the tendons in your finger become inflamed. Tendons are bands …

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What Is Ulnar Deviation of the Hand?

ulnar deviation

What Is Ulnar Deviation?
Holding a spoon, cutting up an apple or opening a jar can all be difficult tasks for those with Ulnar Deviation. Commonly caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), ulnar deviation is a deformity of the hand, where your fingers bend toward your pinky, while your wrist shifts toward the thumb side of your hand. Sometimes called …

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Why You Should See A Doctor for Your Jammed Finger- Boutonniere Deformity


A jammed finger may seem like no big deal but… if you have injured your finger, it’s been swollen for more than a couple of days and you are unable to straighten your middle knuckle you may have Boutonniere Deformity. Usually you get a Boutonniere Deformity by hitting the tip of your outstretched finger on something straight-on or by having …

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What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)?

Oval-8 Finger Splints for eds

What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
Most people know someone who is “double jointed”. Someone that has a body part that moves well beyond the normal range? That childhood friend that could bend his thumb backwards until it touched his wrist or the kid in school that could contort her leg in an odd position.

What you may not know …

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My Toes Are Crooked – Hammertoes?


Your crooked toes may not only look strange, they may be painful, too. So whether you have Hammertoe, Claw Toe, Mallet Toe or Curly Toe–they are all conditions that can cause pain and problems in your toes and feet. Hammertoe is one of the most common toe conditions of the group. So, if you find yourself saying my toes are …

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What Will Help The Swelling In My Hands?

Hurt Thumb

Do you or someone you know wake up every morning with pain and stiffness in your hands or fingers? If you have arthritis, tendinitis or a repetitive stress injury, you probably have felt the aches and pains and know first hand the challenges that go along with these conditions. Rest, splinting/braces and anti-inflammatories are “well known” treatments that can help …

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OMA Participates in the Jingle Bell Walk for Arthritis

oh my arthritis team

The Oh My Arthritis Team participated in the Jingle Bell Walk for arthritis this past Saturday at Centennial Park in Ellicott City. The 5k run/walk gathers people from all over the area to help raise funds to find a cure for arthritis.

Participants tied jingle bells to their shoes and wore festive costumes to help …

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Oval-8 Splints or Silver Ring Splints– Which One is Right for Me?

Oval 08-and-srs

Over the years our customers have asked us – “What is the difference between Oval-8 finger splints and Silver Ring splints”?  While there are many similarities between the two splints, there are many differences, as well.  Knowing the differences in these two splints can help you choose the best solution for your finger problem and help answer the question are …

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What Size Oval-8 Finger Splint Should I Order?

Oval-8 Sizing Set

You’ve done your research and/or you’ve talked to  your health care provider about your injured, arthritic or hypermobile finger. You’ve decided that an Oval 8 splint is the right solution for your finger problem. Now what? For your Oval-8 splint to be effective, it needs to be a good fit– snug enough to provide control, but not so tight it …

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