3 Things to Avoid If You Have Thumb Problems

activities to avoid for thumb problems

Have you ever thought about your thumbs? I mean, really thought about them? Thumbs are the shortest “digit” on your hand, but they have more muscles than any of your fingers. Your thumb can also rotate and move in more directions because of the unique joint (CMC joint) at its base. Without your thumb- cutting things, buttoning a shirt, zipping your jacket and locking a door with a key would be virtually impossible. Therefore, it’s important to understand what activities to avoid for thumb problems in order to minimize the stress and damage to your thumb.

Activities to Avoid for Thumb Problems

Here are a few examples of activities that can cause pain and stress to your thumb and should be avoided:

3 Activities to Avoid:

  • Activities that require a lot of thumb strength such as opening a jar with your bare hand. Use aids like a jar opener or something that increases friction like a tacky material. There are a large variety of options available such as the Good Grips Jar Opener, Zim Jar Openers or JarPop.
  • Repetition of any thumb motion such as non-stop texting on your phone. It is better to actually make a call or use a full sized computer keyboard that uses all of your fingers to type, instead of sending long texts on your phone.
  • Activities that put pressure on your thumb such as push-ups. This includes not only push-ups done for exercise, but pushing yourself up from a chair.  If you have difficulties rising from a seated position, try making a fist and pushing up on your fisted hand or push up using your palms.  Both positions help distribute the pressure so the small thumb and finger joints are not taking the stress. 

If you have thumb arthritis or are experiencing thumb problems there are a number of splints and braces that can help relieve your pain. For light support, the 3pp ThumSling supports the CMC joint and applies light compression to help reduce slipping and grinding on the joint.

3pp thumbsling for thumb arthritis
3pp ThumSling

For moderate or firm support, the CMCcare Thumb Brace the Fix Comfort Thumb Brace and 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint are designed to protect but still allow some movement.

cmccare thumb brace for cmc thumb arthritis
CMCcare Thumb Brace
fix comfort thumb brace best brace for arthritis gamekeepers thumb and skiers thumb
Fix Comfort Thumb Brace

3pp Design Line Thumb Splint

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