Buddy Wrapping Your Hurt Toe- Taping or 3pp Toe Loops?

buddy taping broken toe

Are you limping because you stubbed, jammed, dropped something heavy, or broke your toe?  One of the most effective treatments for a hurt toe is buddy taping. So if you’ve injured your toe, it’s likely that your healthcare provider sent you to your local drugstore to get adhesive tape, gauze or bandages to tape your toes together. But there might be a better way. Learn about the differences in using tape or 3pp Toe Loops when you’ve hurt your toe.

What is Buddy Taping?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, buddy taping is used for various toe (and finger) injuries, including broken toes. It’s a process where you tape your hurt toe together with a healthy toe. The philosophy behind it is that the healthy toe acts like a splint to keep the hurt toe in a natural position for healing.  3pp Toe Loops uses the same philosophy as buddy taping, but without the tape. So which works better for your hurt toe-  buddy taping or 3pp Toe Loops?

Differences in Buddy Wrapping with Tape or Toe Loops

Here are a few differences between buddy wrapping with tape or with 3pp Toe Loops:

Buddy Taping

3pp Toe Loops

Uses adhesive tape Breathable material with a foam lining to cushion the toe
Can be hard to apply Easy loop & wrap design with Velcro is easy to apply
Rough hard edges can be uncomfortable Material is soft and closure has smooth edges
Tape & gauze can be thick and bulky Thin enough to wear in shoes
Tape is hard to keep clean and can’t be reused Washable & Reusable
The adhesive in tape commonly includes latex Latex Free
Available at most drugstores Available only online
  3pp Toe Loops for jammed or broken toes

Whether you decide to use tape or toe loops, pain in your feet and toes shouldn’t be ignored. If your pain and healing doesn’t improve please consult with your healthcare provider to rule out a more serious injury.

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3pp Toe Loops for hammertoes and overlapping toes

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How to Use 3pp Toe Loops for Hurt Toes

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  1. Yesterday my to started to like it was badly bruised for no apparent reason. When I took a look, it looked like a friends rheumatoid arthritic fingers and toes. She wore the silver finger rings so I wanted to see if their was something for a toe.

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