Great Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis

gifts for people with arthritis

Buying the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when it’s for someone dealing with achy body parts and the pain that arthritis can cause. Here are a few holiday gift ideas for people with arthritis.

Gift Ideas #1 – Warmth for Soothing Joints and Cold for Reducing Inflammation

  • A quick heating paraffin bath is a wonderfully relaxing way to ease achy joints and dry skin.
  • Arthritis gloves and compression gloves, with or without fingertips, are designed to heat the hands, increase circulation, and reduce pain and swelling. The gloves can be worn during the day or night. Protexgloves, are lightweight, cottony soft and provide light compression. They keep your hands warm without restricting hand and finger movement.
Protexgloves for Raynauds and skin conditions
  • A heated, cushioned mattress pad with controllers helps ensure a comfortable, restful night.
  • Cold therapy, such as compresses and gel packs help ease pain by reducing swelling.
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Gift Ideas #2 – Ease of Movement

  • Typing on the computer can be difficult for people with arthritis.  Helpful tools include: external or ergonomic keyboard to keep wrists in a more relaxed position; ergonomic mouse that allows hands to remain in a more natural, comfortable position;  voice recognition software that types as a person talks aloud.
  • For foodies, there are many arthritis-friendly kitchen utensils, including electric can openers and wine openers, electric scissors, non-slip knives, and easy grip peelers and bottle openers.
  • A good pen with quality ink that flows easily and requires minimal pressure to write clearly will reduce pressure on the thumb and forefinger.
  • Book rests hold a book open on the table and eliminates the need to balance it with just the thumbs.
  • For those who have trouble vacuuming—or who would prefer not to—a self-propelled vacuum or robotic vacuums, like the Roomba, reduces the stress of this task.

Gift Ideas #3 – Think Soothing

  • A gift certificate for a massage might be just the ticket for a relaxing holiday treat.
  • For those who would prefer the spa environment in the comfort of their own home, consider purchasing mineral bath soaks, essential oils, and muscle relaxing lotions.

Gift Ideas #4 – Staying Strong

  • Exercise putty and stretchable putty are designed to help develop hand strength and range of motion. The stretchable putty can even be used in place of resistance bands and make great stocking stuffers!   Many come in a variety of bright colors and they even have aromatherapy putty for added stress relief.

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