The Fix Comfort Braces – What I Like About Them

fix comfort wrist brace for carpal tunnel and wrist fractures

Review for the Fix Comfort Wrist and Thumb Brace 

Confession time. This review of the Fix Comfort Wrist Brace and Fix Comfort Thumb Brace is not unbiased. As the person who gets to choose what products are offered on our Oh My Arthritis e-commerce site, I get to pick my favorites. I first saw the Fix Comfort Wrist Brace on a European website and was impressed with the open design and the color choice. (Finally, a NOT BLACK wrist brace!) Then I saw the Fix Comfort Thumb Brace with the same features and colors.

fix comfort wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome
Fix Comfort Wrist Brace
fix comfort thumb brace best brace for arthritis gamekeepers thumb and skiers thumb
Fix Comfort Thumb Brace

Why I Like The Fix Comfort Braces

I contacted the company who manufactures the Fix Comfort braces to discuss why I would like them to send me the braces to evaluate. (I am lucky because I get to do this.) It took some doing, with multiple conversations, but I finally convinced them to send samples for us to give them a try.

I knew these were something special because of:

  • the superior quality of the material
  • the truly thoughtful design and
  • how easy and comfortable they were to wear

Several months later, I was not so lucky when I slipped and fell off my porch steps and struck my wrist on a stone, when I not so delicately hit the ground. My first thought was “I think I just broke my scaphoid (wrist) bone”. (I was a a hand therapist for over 20 years so I think those thoughts.)

What did I do about it? I put on the Fix Comfort Wrist brace I had brought home. When I got to the office the next day, I pulled out the Fix Comfort Thumb brace and wore that over the wrist brace. Voila – an extremely comfortable, very light weight, very breathable solution to keep my wrist and thumb from moving. Hoping maybe I really had not broken a wrist bone, I kept the braces on for a few days thinking I would be all right. Unfortunately, the pain continued and I called for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to check it out.

Wearing the Fix Comfort Braces – the Outcome

A quick x-ray proved my first instinct was correct, I had broken the very scaphoid bone I thought I had broken. To make a too long story shorter, I convinced the doctor not to cast me and let me wear my combination of Fix Comfort braces and assured him I would behave. Knowing how serious a scaphoid fracture can be, I did behave and kept the braces on full time (with a few minutes off daily for a careful cleaning) for the prescribed 6 weeks.

When I returned to the doctor, X-rays once again proved me right. A well-healed bone, with no complications! I continued to use the braces for another week and then slowly weened out of them.

All this means is that I am indeed qualified to give a testimonial on both the Fix Comfort Wrist and the Fix Comfort Thumb Braces and why Oh My Arthritis is proud to present these top-of-the-line braces on for you to consider.

Please note – for serious injuries you should always consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment. 

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