The Story of the Original Oval-8 Finger Splints

the original oval-8 finger splints

For over 20 years, the Original Oval-8 Finger Splints have been the preferred choice to hold fingers straight to allow Mallet Finger and Boutonniere Deformities to heal;  limit motion to stop Trigger Finger and Thumb; reduce Hypermobility (EDS) and Swan Neck for improved strength and function and to protect and rest fingers affected by Arthritis or injury.  Here’s a look back on the story of the Oval-8 finger splints and how they came to be.

Designed by an Occupational Therapist, based on finger splints she made for her patients, Oval-8’s were introduced in 1999 and patented in 2000.  Coming from the bio-mechanical principle that it takes 3 points of pressure to stabilize, realign or correct a joint, Oval-8 Finger Splints unobtrusive and effective design were actually quite complicated to make.

Where It Began – The History of Oval-8’s

Oval-8 Finger Splints were one of the “aha” moments that lead Julie Belkin to launch 3-Point Products(the parent company of OMA) to make her line of splints available to health care providers. As an Occupational Therapist and Orthotist (brace maker) who specialized in treating patients with severe arthritis, it was Julie’s goal to make it easy for patients to buy quality splints and braces that reduced pain and deformity and were comfortable and easy to wear for daily activities.

After two years of determined effort to create the molds needed to produce the Oval-8 design, the first splints were completed and proudly introduced at the 1999 meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH).

1997 – The “aha” moment for a finger splint with an adjustable fit

1999First set of molds completed to produce the Oval-8 Splints

1999First presentation at a national Hand Surgeons meeting

2000U.S. Patent number 6,110,136 issued

2003First sales of Oval-8 Finger Splints in Europe

2010Upgraded manufacturing to produce a superior product

2019Addition of a Plus+ sign to make it easier to identify the “looser” end

2022Introduction of Oval-8 CLEAR Finger Splints

The Unique Design of Oval-8 Finger Splints

The unique Oval-8 design met the goals of comfort, fit and more. Oval-8’s were designed with wide bands to distribute pressure and smooth rounded edges to offer optimal comfort. Three points of control to stabilize and align the small joints of  fingers/thumbs and 14 sizes featured the ability to adjust the fit with a simple turn of the splint. All these features helped to comfortably and effectively manage multiple finger conditions.

original oval -8 finger splints for trigger thumb

Over the years, based on feedback from therapists and customers, ongoing improvements continue to make the Oval-8 even better.

Improvements have included:

  • The production of new molds to produce superior, smooth parts
  • The addition of size 2 and size 15 splints to meet customer needs
  • A  +sign on the end of the Oval-8 Splint to mark the end that fits looser when put on the finger first
  • Ongoing efforts to make the Oval-8 name and size on the bottom band easier to read
  • Introduction of packaging choices to allow customers to purchase exactly what they need for the best results and wearing experience

Today and the Future of Oval-8’s

Fast forward to today where we continue to undergo constant quality improvements to deliver the comfortable support and the patented adjustable fit therapists and consumers alike have come to rely on from the Original Oval-8 Finger Splints.

In 2022, we are excited to introduce the addition of our NEW Oval-8 CLEAR Finger Splints. Two years of searching for the best material to deliver these transparent splints, have resulted in  splints that are equally clear on all skin tones and deliver all the advantages of the classic beige Oval-8 splints.

oval-8 clear finger splints translucent in color


We are proud to say that Oval-8 splints were designed in the USA, patented in the USA and always made in the USA. Look for the name Oval-8 on the bottom of the band to be assured of the highest quality product and unmatched service and support that 3-Point Products provides for every splint and brace we make.

5 comments on “The Story of the Original Oval-8 Finger Splints

  1. I just received my Oval-8 finger splint(s) today. I quickly shed my self-made, now dirty device that I had created for my middle trigger finger and slipped into the Oval-8. I am extremely delighted at how such a simple device could be so effective, without any discomfort at all. I can now get wet without drenching my previous device. I don’t have very much experience with medical problems (I’m 67 and very lucky) and not much esteem for much of the industry, but this is the cat’s meow! Thanks Dr. Belkin.

    1. Katrina, Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Oval-8 finger splints! We’re thrilled to hear how they have improved your comfort and mobility without any discomfort. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we’re happy to have made a difference in your daily life.

  2. After time, will the oval 8 finger splint actually correct (straighten) an already and long time crooked arthritic finger or is it’s design for pain management?

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