Topricin Pain Relief Cream- No Smell or Sting

Topricin Pain Relief Cream

Topical Treatments for Relief of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain sufferers know what it’s like to try to get through the day without pain. Taking oral prescription pain pills and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, may help but can cause unpleasant side effects. Topical treatments, like menthol balms and lotions with capsaicin (an ingredient found in hot peppers), may temporarily relieve pain but can sting your skin and eyes and the smell can be tough to stomach.  For those with nerve pain, these types of topicals can fire up already inflamed nerves, causing a burning sensation for extended periods.

Topricin for Short Term Pain Relief

There is, of course, no clinical research that proves topical ointments or lotions relieve long-term pain. However, there is an option available for short-term relief. Topricin Pain Relief Cream helps to reduce your level of pain so you can more easily get through the day or night. Topricin is a no-smell, no-sting, capsaicin-free, menthol-free cream that can be worn under gloves, with clothing and with splints. This anti-inflammatory cream contains Arnica Montana and other natural ingredients to help reduce pain for carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as lower back pain, muscle spasms, bruises, sprains, and strains.

Topricin can be applied several times a day. It’s easy to use. Just massage it in until it’s absorbed. Many users find that re-applying the cream just before getting into bed helps them sleep through the night. Not just because it doesn’t smell or irritate skin, but because it reduces the numbness caused by nerve damage. Sleep that is more relaxing can lead to less stiffness in the morning!

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