What an Oval-8 Finger Splint Can and Can’t Do

oval-8 finger splints

Oval-8 Finger Splints can:

  • Rest a painful or stiff finger joint by limiting bending or stop motion completely when two splints are worn on the top and bottom of the joint.
  • Limit excessive motion, especially in joints that bend backwards beyond the normal range of motion. A key example of this is limiting the middle or PIP joint from bending backwards after injury or to correct a Swan Neck Deformity.
  • Maintain proper positioning to allow a tendon injury or fracture to heal. In a Mallet Finger for example, the Oval-8 holds the end joint straight to protect the healing tendon and bone.
  • Limit extremes of motion without limiting function. An example is wearing an Oval-8 to block the final degrees of bending to prevent the sticking experienced with Trigger Finger.
  • Help straighten a crooked joint while it is still flexible and before a severe deformity develops. For persons whose middle or end joints are enlarged or twisting due to arthritic nodules or bumps, using an Oval-8 early in the process will help keep the joint straight and hopefully lessen the progression of deformity.
  • Position and support a joint to improve function. For children or adults who have difficulty stabilizing the thumb when holding a pen or utensil, the Oval-8 helps keep the end joint (IP joint) of the thumb in a corrected position.
  • Accommodate a slight increase or decrease in swelling or fluid retention. Each Oval-8 splint fits a slightly smaller full size and a slightly larger size and a half. A simple turn of the splint makes the Oval-8 splints quickly adjustable for changes in finger volume.

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Oval-8 Finger Splints cannot:

  • Straighten out a fixed contracture or deformity. An Oval-8 splint cannot fix a joint that cannot be straightened by stretching it out.
  • Fit a contracture or deformity greater than 20 degrees. While an Oval-8 can be adjusted to fit a slightly crooked finger, if the knuckle is bent beyond 20 degrees, an Oval-8 splint is not an appropriate choice.
  • Cure arthritis or other conditions. An Oval-8 may help prevent progression of a deformity and rest a joint to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, but it will not affect the underlying disease process.
  • Cause skin reactions. Oval-8 splints are made from inert polypropylene plastic. They contain no latex. The open design keeps skin clean and they do not need to be removed when washing or bathing.
  • Draw attention to a problem. The neutral tone Oval-8 splints are designed to be nearly invisible so even if you are wearing several splints at a time, you will not hear – “oh my, what happened to your hand?”
  •  Break your bank account. Oval-8 splints are highly affordable, will last a lifetime or at least until you lose them, and can be purchased in bulk quantities so you always have the size needed and extras just in case.
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