What Is A Swan Neck Finger Deformity?

Swan Neck Finger Deformity

What is a Swan Neck deformity?

A Swan Neck finger deformity is a condition where the middle joint of the finger hyper-extends or bends backwards and the end joint near the fingernail, flexes or bends downwards.

How do you get a Swan Neck deformity?

The most common causes of a Swan Neck deformity are Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a ligament injury or an untreated Mallet or “Baseball” finger. Swan Neck deformity can also be a problem for people with a connective tissue disease known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a condition where people are born with loose or lax joints and are often mislabeled as “double jointed”.

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What can I do about a Swan Neck deformity?

Using a finger splint/brace to stop the hyperextension is often all that is needed and can be a very successful long term solution. In more severe cases, surgery may be done to help realign the tendons and tighten the tissues around the joint.

What kind of finger splint will help a Swan Neck deformity?

There are many finger splints and braces on the market designed to treat Swan Neck deformity. There are metal splints, stainless steel and silver splints available. As the steel splints can be hard to wear and the silver splints can be expensive, our lightweight plastic  Oval-8 Finger Splint may be a great option.

Oval-8 splints are designed to prevent hyperextension, but still allow your fingers to bend. They come in a broad range of sizes so they will fit most sized hands and they are thin enough to be worn on several fingers at a time. The wide bands make them comfortable to wear and the neutral color makes them barely noticeable on your finger. Oval-8’s are comfortable, cost effective and can be worn short or long term if needed.


swan neck deformity without oval-8 finger splint
Swan Neck Deformity


swan neck deformity with oval-8 finger splint
Swan Neck Deformity with Oval-8








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