What Size Oval-8 Finger Splint Do I Need?

You’ve done your research and consulted with your healthcare provider and determined that the Oval-8 splint is the ideal solution for your injured, arthritic, or hypermobile finger. Now, the question is: what Oval-8 size do you need? Ensuring a proper fit is crucial for the effectiveness and comfort of your Oval-8 splint.

3 Important Factors to Know About Oval-8’s

There are 3 important things to know about Oval-8 splints to help you choose your size.

  • Precise Sizing: Oval-8 sizes have minimal differences, so it’s essential to choose the right one.
  • Clear Size Markings: Each splint is labeled with the Oval-8 name and size on the band’s bottom. Holding it up to a light will make the size more visible.
  • Different Fit Options: Depending on which end of the splint slips on first, it can fit tighter or looser. Trying it both ways will help you find the best fit. The end with the Plus+ sign is a half size larger and will be looser when put on first.

How to Wear Your Oval-8

Additionally, it’s crucial to wear the splint correctly for your specific finger issue. Here’s how to wear it for different conditions:

  • Mallet Finger: Place the band on top of the joint to hold the end straight.
  • Swan Neck Deformity: The band should fit on the bottom of the middle knuckle.
  • Trigger Finger: Position the splint with the band on top of the finger and the oval section in your palm.
  • Trigger Thumb: Fit the splint with the band on top of the thumb and the oval section in your palm.

How to Measure for an Oval-8

To determine what size Oval-8 to choose you can measure your finger in 4 easy steps.

Available in Classic Oval-8 BEIGE and NEW Oval-8 CLEAR

For the best fit and allowances for future changes we recommend Multi Size Packs with 3 or 5 consecutive sizes.  The Oval-8 Complete Set which includes one of each size 2 thru 15 is a great option when multiple splints are needed.

For more tips on choosing the right Oval-8 finger splint, watch the video below.  The perfect fit and effective support are just a few steps away!

Watch This Video

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Our blogs are educational in nature and are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Because your condition is unique to you, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider before attempting any medical or therapeutic treatments. We are always happy to answer questions about products mentioned in our blogs, however, we cannot provide a diagnosis or medical advice.


2 comments on “What Size Oval-8 Finger Splint Do I Need?

  1. I would like to order some oval 8 as I have three fingers that have been acting up with trigger finger, how do I know my size, do we have to purchase the sizer? I live in Fort worth, tx

    1. Hi Lori,

      Thank you for your interest in the 3pp Oval-8 finger splints. An Oval-8 finger splint can help treat your trigger finger. Please visit this link http://www.ohmyarthritis.com/arthritis.aspx#Trigger%20Finger for more information on this condition.

      A precise fit is the key to effective treatment with Oval-8 Finger Splints. Sizing information is available on the printable Sizing Guide and the Oval-8 Splint Sizing Video may also be viewed.

      Printable Sizing Guide: http://www.ohmyarthritis.com/img/product/description/oval8sizingguideapril2013.pdf
      Sizing Videos: http://www.ohmyarthritis.com/videos.aspx

      The Oval-8 Sizing Guide will help you choose the size splint most likely to fit your finger. Since even slight swelling or temperature changes can affect finger size, choosing only one size splint does not guarantee that size will be 100% accurate. Choosing an Oval-8 Graduated Set of 3 sizes is recommended for greater accuracy in sizing.

      Thank you and we hope your fingers feel better soon!

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