What Can I Do About My Trigger Finger?

Oval-8 finger splint for trigger finger

If your finger or thumb “locks” in a bent position then suddenly pops back out when you try to straighten it– like a trigger on a gun- you may have Trigger Finger. Trigger finger is caused by inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the tendons in your fingers. This inflammation can cause stiffness, limit your movement and ultimately make it difficult to straighten your finger -causing you to ask the question- what can I do about my trigger finger?

Causes of trigger finger aren’t always clear, but certain health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes are known to be associated with it. Repetitive activities that require repeated gripping or pinching, such as playing a musical instrument or using hand tools can also cause trigger finger.

How is a Trigger Finger treated?
The treatments for a trigger finger include taking anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen, wearing a splint that limits how much the finger can bend, or getting a cortisone injection from your doctor. Sometimes, all 3 methods may be combined to try and stop the triggering.

If splinting and cortisone injections fail to stop the problem, surgery may be needed to remove the inflamed or scarred tissues and free up the tendon.

What kind of splint will help?
There are a variety of splints available, with the best option being a splint that prevents the finger from bending to the point where it triggers, but still allows you to use your hand.

Oval-8 Finger Splints are a great solution as they can be worn to prevent the finger from bending all the way, but still allow you to use your hand. They are easy to wear and if you have any pain or tenderness in the palm they can be cushioned with a gel sleeve to prevent pressure over the tendon.

Oval-8 finger splint for trigger finger

By limiting how far the finger bends, the tendon is less likely to get “caught” and has the chance to rest and heal. Oval-8 splints can be worn during the day and at night and can be used after the finger has been injected to allow the finger to rest and the injection to be fully effective.

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