What is Trigger Finger and What Causes It?

trigger finger

What Is Trigger Finger?

If you wake up with your finger stuck in a bent position, feel a pop when you try to straighten it or have to use your other hand to open your finger, you may have Trigger Finger.

What Causes It?

Trigger finger or trigger thumb happens when the tendons in your finger or thumb become inflamed. Tendons are bands of tissue that connect muscles and bones. The tendons that bend your fingers travel through your palm and into your fingers. They move through a covering called a “sheath” and pass through a series of pulleys that hold your tendons close to your finger.

If your tendons are inflamed and there is swelling around them, they can get stuck in the sheath or as they goes through the pulley. When this happens, bending the finger pulls the inflamed tendon through a narrowed sheath, making it snap or pop.

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How Do You Get a Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger can happen in response to “overuse” activities that require repeated gripping or pinching. It is more common in people whose work or other activities require gripping tools (such as a dentist or hygienist) or other repetitive tasks for long periods of time. Health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can also cause it. It’s also not uncommon for it to occur without a known cause.

Resting your finger is the first step in treating your trigger finger.  The Oval-8 Finger Splint can help limit your finger motion, giving your finger a chance to rest and heal. Oval-8 splints can be worn during the day and at night.

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If your symptoms continue, your healthcare provider may also prescribe anti-inflammatories or a steroid injection. If your trigger finger still does not improve, surgery may be recommended.

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