Why the 3pp Elbow POP Splint Is Different from Other Elbow Braces?

3pp elbow pop splint for tennis or golfers elbow

A therapist’s explanation of why the 3pp Elbow POP Splint is different from other elbow braces!

As a therapist specializing in treating upper extremity conditions, I often treated patients with Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and Golfer’s Elbow (medial epicondylitis) and tendinosis. While these conditions often could be traced to playing tennis or golf, the symptoms were more commonly related to “weekend warrior” activities such as painting, digging in the garden or aggressive “spring cleaning”. Whatever the cause, the symptoms of pain in the upper forearm when lifting or turning the arm were the same.

The standard treatment for Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow and tendinosis includes an initial period of rest and icing to reduce inflammation, followed by massage and gentle progressive stretching and strengthening exercises. Some patients were issued a wrist splint to hold the wrist at rest in an extended (bent backwards) position and many patients were issued a “tennis elbow strap”.

At the time, most elbow straps were designed to apply pressure around the forearm to act as a counter force. The goal was to reduce tension on the tendons and muscles at the elbow and rotate the forearm and extend the wrist.

After treating many patients with elbow straps designed to reduce inflammation and promote healing, applying what is essentially a tourniquet to the forearm didn’t seem to make much sense. A better solution would be to increase blood flow and oxygen for healing, not cut it off. When the time came to create an elbow strap for 3-Point Products, from my experiences as a therapist, I sought to deliver a design that applied the force– only where it is needed. I wanted the pressure to be over the tendons and muscles, without creating a tourniquet affect.   The design of the 3pp Elbow POP Splint achieved that goal!

The 3pp Elbow POP Splint provides compression only where it is needed without constricting circulation. The adjustable design allows you to determine how much pressure is needed to relieve your elbow pain. The soft, foam-lined non-slip material means you never have to over tighten to keep it in place – so you will never cut off circulation. Thin or thick pads can be added to adjust the amount of compression needed for pain-free elbow motion. This eliminates the hazard of restricting circulation or causing nerve compression symptoms that are common in persons with thin forearms or those with less muscle to distribute force.

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