Arthritis – Tips For Taking Good Care of Your Hands

Taking good care of your hands

Next time you wrap your fingers around a coffee mug, pick up a grocery bag, or scoop up some water to wash your face, thank your wonderful hands. Since we use our hands for nearly everything, we often take these anatomical blessings for granted.

Unless, of course, you have arthritis or an injury– then your hands may be painful, swollen, …

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What Can I Do About My Foot Pain – Plantar Fasciitis

what can i do about the pain in my foot from plantar fasciitis

You get out of the bed in the morning and as you take your first steps to the kitchen you feel a burning, stabbing pain on the bottom of your foot. You think you might have plantar fasciitis.  You’re probably asking yourself, “What can I do about my foot pain”?

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How Long Do I Need To Wear My Thumb Brace?

CMCcare thumb brace for thumb arthritis pain

Does this sound familiar….   You have thumb arthritis, you hurt your thumb or are recovering from surgery. Your doctor recommended a thumb brace to keep you from moving it.  You’ve followed your doctor’s orders and worn your brace every day for an entire week and your thumb still hurts! You’re probably asking yourself — how long do I need to …

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Why Do I Keep Dropping Things? Hand Weakness

hand weakness dropping things

Are you having trouble holding onto things?  Do you find yourself constantly dropping your keys, or do you have difficulty holding onto your coffee cup or maybe the fork you pull from your drawer keeps slipping out of your hands.  While you might just be clumsy, you may also have a condition that is affecting your grip.  Below are 3 …

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Compression Gloves- What Symptoms Do They Treat?

protective compression gloves oh my arthritis

Compression Gloves- What Symptoms Do They Treat?

Compression gloves are used to provide compression, warmth and light support to swollen, stiff  hands and associated joints. They work in part by increasing the oxygen delivery to working muscles

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What Can I Do About My Wrist Pain – TFCC Injury or Tear

Wrist pain - TFCC Injury

If you feel pain in your wrist when gripping something tightly or pushing on your hand to get up from your chair you may have a TFCC injury or tear. TFCC problems can be caused by falling on an outstretched hand, from overuse or simply from aging. Athletes, particularly gymnasts and baseball players who endure weight or force to their …

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Protect Your Hands – Tips to Help You Safely Carve Your Turkey

turkey carving tips

This Thanksgiving, ensure that the worst pain you endure is from indigestion, your football team’s loss, or perhaps a family squabble.  Each year, a surprising number of people make unexpected visits to the Emergency Room after a mishap with a turkey. (Carving accidents are one of the top five most common injuries on Thanksgiving). So how do you protect your …

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What Should I Do About My Mallet Finger ?

finger splints for mallet finger

Did a ball or other object hit the end of your finger? Did you smack the end of your finger against something hard, or crush your fingertip in a door or drawer? If so, you may have Mallet Finger. Mallet Finger also called “baseball finger,” is when the end of your finger droops in a bent position and won’t straighten …

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Tips to Help Manage Your Raynaud’s

Raynauds Syndrome

Every fall, when the weather hit 60 degrees or colder, my dad would start wearing gloves. If he didn’t, the ends of his fingers changed colors, turned white or blue, and felt like ice. His fingers became so cold that he had trouble moving them. My dad had Raynaud’s Syndrome. Those living with Raynaud’s know if not managed properly, it …

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My Thumb Hurts – Do I Have Thumb Arthritis?

my thumb hurts - thumb pain

Do you repeatedly hear yourself say “my thumb hurts” because of the pain you feel at the base of your thumb (down by the wrist) when you pinch or grasp something?  If so, you may have CMC joint arthritis, also known as thumb arthritis. Thumb arthritis is the most common place for arthritis in the hand and if you are …

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