What Can I Do About My Hammertoes – Early Treatment

3pp3pp toe loops for hammertoes, jammed or broken toes

As with any health concern, the earlier you get treatment– the better. For people with hammertoes this remains true. Research has found that the earlier you treat your hammertoes, the more effective it will be.  If you’re asking yourself, what can I do about my hammertoes –  one answer for an effective early treatment is to wear splints on your toes to help keep them straight and cushion them for comfort.

It is important to do something about your hammertoes in the early stages as they are less responsive to treatment the longer you wait.  Over time hammertoes can become rigid as the tendons in your toes shorten and the cartilage between the bones wear away- causing treatment to be more resistant. Cushioning your toes with gel sleeves or soft foam lined straps can still help protect your skin and lessen your pain, but restoring movement may no longer be possible the longer you wait.

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The 3pp Toe Loops loop and wrap design helps treat hammertoes by holding two toes together to support and straighten them.  Toe Loops also cushion the tops and between your toes to help relieve the rubbing and irritation caused by your shoes pressing on your toes.

Without proper treatment, hammertoes may become permanent and can only be corrected by surgery.  Hammertoe surgery is usually focused at rerouting the tendons that bend the toe to the top of the toe where they can help straighten it instead. This is usually done along with a joint fusion using pins or small plates to hold the toes straight. If the toes are rigid, the surgeon may also cut bone to be able to open the joint up so the toe can be fused in the proper position.

Early treatment is always the best course of action, but before starting any new treatment for hammertoes it’s always best to discuss your condition with a health care professional.

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3pp3pp toe loops for hammertoes, jammed or broken toes
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  1. It’s interesting that switching shoe size could potentially help hammer toes. My wife has been having some trouble with her condition, so I’ll have to recommend these tips. I’ll have to look at having her get surgery if we cant get easy solutions to work.

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