How Can A Hand Therapist Help With My Pain?

how can a hand therapist help

Whether you are recovering from hand surgery, have pain and stiffness in your hands from arthritis or have tendinitis— hand therapist may be the answer in helping with your pain.

What is A Hand Therapist?

While most people are familiar with physical therapists, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a hand therapist?  Simply put, a Hand Therapist is either a physical therapist or an occupational therapist that has specialized training in treating conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities.

How A Hand Therapist Can Help

So to answer your question how can a hand therapist help with my pain?  Hand Therapists typically work in hospitals, clinics, physical therapy or rehab centers and sports medicine facilities. They work closely with physicians and surgeons to treat patients with hand and post-surgical conditions. Through assessment and treatment, hand therapists help to reduce pain & swelling and work with patients to gain strength, mobility and dexterity for a more functional and pain free life.

In addition to rehabilitation after surgery, Hand Therapists also help patients with arthritic conditions, sprains, fractures and dislocations, nerve or tendon damage, tendinitis, elbow and shoulder disorders and many other conditions.

Hand Therapy Treatment

The first visit with a Hand Therapist usually begins with a discussion of your problems and symptoms and an examination of your muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments.  Posture, range of motion, strength and sensation may also be measured.

Based on your evaluation, a treatment plan and goals will be formed. Heat/ice, massage, swelling reduction techniques, mobilization of joints and customized exercise programs may all be a part of your treatment plan. Hand therapists are also trained in the evaluation and making of splints. Your therapist may fit you for a custom splint/orthosis or recommend a prefabricated splint.

The length of your therapy will depend on the severity of your condition or injury and the pace of your recovery.  Most people are pleased to find that working with a hand therapist results in lower medical costs and a quicker return to work and/or an active lifestyle.

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4 comments on “How Can A Hand Therapist Help With My Pain?

  1. That was extremely helpful! A hand therapist can be of tremendous assistance to persons suffering from many forms of hand-related issues. In addition to relieving discomfort, therapy under expert supervision improves range of motion, strength, and hand functioning. Following an injury, your therapist will assist you in desensitizing the nerves in your hand.

  2. It was a fascinating read! Hand therapy is useful in the successful rehabilitation of patients following a surgery or injury to shoulder, elbow or hand. Aside from pain relief, the method includes a variety of techniques and exercises to increase motion, dexterity, and strength.

  3. Yes, a therapist can guide you about the recovery in the best way. I meet with an accident and fractured my right hand. My friend took me to the Hand Therapy Center. The surgeons are the best as they did my treatment appropriately and the therapist helps me to recover soon. It took around 2 months, but now I am free of the pains. The exercises they told me to do were simple and can be done at home easily.

  4. One of my best friends needs to get some hand therapy to deal with her hand pain. She has been dealing with pain in her hand ever since her wreck. If getting this kind of rehabilitation services to help her out, then she needs to get these services as soon as possible. Then she can start living her life without pain in her hands.

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