Why You Should See A Doctor for Your Jammed Finger- Boutonniere Deformity

hot to treat a jammed finger or boutonniere deformity

A jammed finger may seem like no big deal. It can happen to anyone – throwing a baseball, closing your finger in your kitchen drawer or tripping and putting your hand down to catch your fall. A jammed finger may not be a big deal that is… if you treat it early enough so it doesn’t become a permanent deformity. If you’ve jammed your finger – it’s been swollen for more than a few days and you can’t straighten your middle knuckle you may have Boutonniere Deformity.

Usually you get a Boutonniere Deformity by hitting the tip of your finger straight on or when something hits your fingertip. This injures the tendon that extends, or straightens, the middle joint. The balance of tendons and ligaments in your fingers are very delicate and this balance needs to be restored as quickly as possible.

boutonnierre finger deformity

Symptoms of Boutonnière Deformity include:

  • Your finger at the middle joint cannot be straightened and the fingertip cannot be bent
  • Swelling and pain occur and continue on the top of the middle joint of the finger

How to Treat a Jammed Finger or Boutonniere Deformity

Generally, the best way to treat a jammed finger is by splinting your finger to stabilize and protect it. Although splinting your finger can help it heal, when you jam your finger there are more severe injuries that can occur. It’s very important to see a health care professional who will do a thorough examination of your finger and correctly diagnose your injury.

After consulting with your healthcare professional, if you receive a diagnosis of Boutonniere Deformity, the best non-surgical treatment is also to splint your finger. Usually you will need to wear your finger splint full time for 4 or more weeks. The purpose of splinting is to immobilize the middle joint and allow the ligaments and tendon to heal. It cannot be stressed enough that early treatment is the best way to keep a jammed finger from becoming a permanent deformity.

Looking for information on how to treat your jammed finger?

Oval-8 finger splints ways to wear them

Finger Splints for Boutonniere Deformity

Two finger splints that can help are the Oval-8 Finger Splints and the 3pp Buddy Loops. Both, rest your fingers in a straight position to help heal jammed fingers and treat Boutonniere Deformity.

Light and comfortable, Oval-8 Finger Splints protect your fingers without messy tape or straps and make it easier to use your hands. Wear one or two splints to hold your finger straight.

oval-8 finger splints for boutonneire deformity
Oval-8 Finger Splints








3pp Buddy Loops are a quick and easy way to “buddy” wrap with NO messy tape or metal splints.  Lined in soft, cushiony foam, the comfortable wrap and loop design makes them an easy way to heal your jammed finger.

3pp Buddy Loops for a jammed finger
3pp Buddy Loops










If you have jammed your finger and/or think you may have Boutonniere Deformity – don’t wait to feel better. Please consult with your health care professional immediately. If your finger is not immediately treated, it can lead to a permanent deformity that is not easily corrected with therapy or surgery.

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oval-8 finger splint for jammed finger
Oval-8 Finger Splints
3pp buddy looops for jammed fingers
3pp Buddy Loops

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