What is Golfer’s Elbow and How Do I Treat It?

golfer's elbow

That nagging, achy pain in your elbow….   many of us have experienced it and have been told it may be Golfer’s Elbow? So, exactly- What is Golfer’s Elbow? Golfer’s Elbow is a health condition that can develop even if you have never picked up a golf club. The muscles of your forearm and hand attach to tendons in your elbow area that can become irritated or torn and cause pain around the bony bump on the inside of your elbow.

It can be caused by any activity that requires repeated twisting or flexion (bending downwards) of the wrist.  Generally, it is caused by overuse of the forearm muscles during activities such as shoveling, gardening, throwing a ball or playing golf or tennis. Repeated lifting, especially something that’s heavy, where your elbow is extended and your palm is facing down, can also cause it. In addition to golf, other activities that may cause Golfer’s Elbow include racquet sports, baseball or softball, weightlifting, carpentry, painting, among others.

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Symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow

Symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow include:

  • Pain on the inside of your elbow when lifting your wrist or hand
  • Pain when twisting your forearm or when making a fist
  • Your elbow and surrounding area may be tender to the touch and slightly swollen

If your problem has gone on for a while, additional symptoms can include elbow stiffness, as well as weakness in your hands or wrist.

Treatment of Golfer’s Elbow

Treatment for Golfer’s Elbow includes:

  • Resting your elbow
  • Applying ice to your elbow area
  • Taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever
  • Reducing the stress on your elbow by wearing a splint/brace
  • An injection of a corticosteroid or painkiller in the elbow

It’s a good idea to rest both your elbow and wrist since the muscles that attach your wrist to your elbow are involved.  A wrist splint and/or elbow wrap will help prevent further strain while you are healing.  Elbow wraps such as the 3pp Elbow POP Splint are designed so that you can localize the pressure, without wrapping the entire band too tightly around your arm.

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It may take several weeks of resting the elbow to relieve the pain, and even longer until the symptoms are gone completely. If rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers are not effective in treating your Golfer’s Elbow, your doctor may suggest a cortisone shot to reduce pain and swelling. Stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed too. It is rare for surgery to be required.

Don’t hesitate to see your Doctor or Orthopedic Surgeon if you have concerns about elbow pain. Your visit will consist of a physical examination and if indicated, an x-ray.

You should seek immediate attention if:

  • Your elbow doesn’t bend
  • Your elbow looks deformed
  • You think you broke a bone or
  • You feel feverish and your elbow feels hot
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Our blogs are educational in nature and are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Because your condition is unique to you, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider before attempting any medical or therapeutic treatments. We are always happy to answer questions about products mentioned in our blogs, however, we cannot provide a diagnosis or medical advice.

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  1. Almost 1.5 years back I got golfers elbow during gym activities but continued with that later on situations degraded and I was like criplled couldn’t even move my hand. last one year taking 2 steriods but everything was okay for 8 months right now facing the same problem as before extreme pain when flexing or pushed nothing work actually during treatment. what should I do?? no swelling no abnormality but not healing……………. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1. Hello, I’m sorry to hear you are in pain. Please know that while we can provide information on certain health conditions, we are not medical professionals and are unable to give medical advice. We recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional as soon as possible. With that said the 3pp Elbow POP Splint is a comfortable lightweight splint that allows you to determine how much pressure is needed to relieve the pain of Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow For more information Click here 3pp Elbow Pop Splint

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