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I Think I Have Thumb Arthritis – What Do I Do About It?

What is Thumb Arthritis (CMC joint arthritis)? Arthritis is a common condition that occurs when the cartilage that covers and protects a joint wears out. Without this cushioning, the bones in the joint grind against one another, wearing the joint down -causing pain and instability. Although there are several types of arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis can both affect the …

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I Think I Have Gamekeeper’s or Skier’s Thumb – What Can I Do About It?

Gamekeeper's thumb

What is Gamekeeper’s or Skier’s thumb?
Have you ever hurt your thumb by falling and catching your thumb on the way down or knocking your thumb on the ski pole when crashing into the snow? Maybe you used a tool to loosen a stubborn screw and hurt your thumb while forcefully twisting it? If so, you may have an …

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My Thumb Hurts – Do I Have Thumb Arthritis?

my thumb hurts whats wrong

Do you repeatedly hear yourself say “my thumb hurts” because of the pain you feel at the base of your thumb (down by the wrist) when you pinch or grasp something?  If so, you may have CMC joint arthritis, also known as thumb arthritis. Thumb arthritis is the most common place for arthritis in the hand and if you are …

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The Most Common Finger Injury: Mallet Finger


Anyone who has hit their fingertip against a door or wall or closed a drawer on their finger is lucky if they did not sustain what is commonly known as a Mallet Finger. Named for the position the end of the finger assumes, a Mallet Finger occurs when the tendon that straightens the DIP joint (the small joint …

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I Think I Have a Trigger Thumb. What Do I Do About It?

Image above details Trigger Finger but the same information applies to Trigger Thumb

Trigger Thumb is an inflammation of the tendon(s) that flex or bend the thumb(s). The tendons act as cords that pull the fingers down into a fist and then relax as the extensor tendons on the back of the hand straighten the fingers. Think of the tendon as a line on a fishing rod and the pulleys as …

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Can Gaming Cause Arthritis In My Thumbs?

gaming and arthritis

Flappy birds, Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Temple Run are just a few of the addicting games being obsessively played in today’s world.  Throw in Xbox, Wii and non-stop texting and keyboarding and you have a generation spending hours a day on gaming devices, smart phones and keyboards. This constant use and motion has led to an increase over the …

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What Can I Do To Help With My Everyday Thumb Pain?

thumb pain opening a jar

For those of you that have been diagnosed with CMC Joint Arthritis, using your thumbs for even simple activities can be painful.  Opening a jar, turning a key, holding a pen, lifting a plate can all cause thumb pain and make the simplest of tasks, hard to do.
CMC Joint Arthritis is a very common condition that …

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Bumpy Fingers? What they are and how to treat them?

One of the earliest and most visible signs of osteoarthritis (OA) are bony bumps or nodules on the small joints of the fingers. These “bumpy fingers” are composed of growths that are thought to be the body’s attempt to repair joint damage caused by the wearing down of cartilage.  The nodes that form on the top of …

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What Type of Splint is Best for Thumb Arthritis?

3pp Thumsling for thumb arthritis

All you have to do is go online to see the many choices that are available for thumb splints and supports. Not to mention all the different splints you can pick up at the drugstore. Custom made splints, ready made splints, splints for resting your thumb, splints to support your thumb.  The list is long!   So how do you …

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My Thumb Hurts – What’s Wrong?

thumb pain

Thumbs are such wonderful things we generally just take them for granted. When your thumb hurts is when you really notice just how much you use it. There are many conditions that can cause thumb pain.  This blog will highlight some of the most common problems and help to answer the question- My thumb hurts – what’s wrong?
While …

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