What Type of Knee Brace is Right for Me?

KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve for knee arthritis, runners knee

Does your knee bother you when you’re working outside in the yard, taking a walk or playing tennis? Knee pain can affect your daily activities, especially if you’re an active person or on your feet a lot. If you suffer from knee pain, you’re probably looking for something to help ease your discomfort and answer the question- what type of knee brace is right for me?

Common causes of knee pain include arthritis, runner’s knees, ligament or cartilage injuries, tendinitis and other knee instability conditions. The purpose of any knee brace should be to work together with the structures of your knee to reduce pain and promote stability without loss of normal knee function. Knee braces can help ease your pain, while providing the support that is needed.

With so many different types of braces and supports available online, at your local drugstore and many sporting goods stores, choosing the right brace can be a daunting task. The type of knee brace that is right for you depends on your knee condition and the severity of your pain. Your health care provider can recommend the right brace for your knee condition or injury.

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  • Hinged braces provide protection and stabilization following surgery. Hinged braces are commonly available either in a rigid shell design or with soft or flexible cuffs and straps. Rigid hinged braces provide moderate to maximum support. Flexible hinged braces provide mild to moderate support. Post-surgical activities are commonly limited and can require extreme caution, which is why  hinged braces are often recommended for recovery after major knee surgeries.
  • Wraparound braces are ideal for mild to moderate knee pain, knee instabilities and dislocation. These braces help reduce the likelihood of injury by decreasing the stress on the tendons, patella and quadriceps. Most wraparound braces are designed to be worn during activities. They are worn by winding them tightly around the knees in spiral fashion.

  • Compression sleeves are worn for more mild to moderate knee pain and to control swelling. Compression style braces may be made from neoprene or elastic materials that slide over your knee and contour to your leg for a conforming fit. They may include padding over the kneecap, an opening for the kneecap, straps and/or a buttress surrounding the kneecap. Basic sleeves provide warmth, compression, and knee support.

Compression sleeves can be worn day and/or night as needed or directed by your health care provider. They are easily worn under clothes and aren’t as bulky as many other type of knee braces. The KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve offers lightweight support to boost circulation and help reduce swelling and inflammation in your knee.

Before purchasing a knee brace, talk to your doctor for suggestions on which brace is recommended for your type of pain and condition. Purchasing the wrong type of brace can delay your recovery and cause you to have more pain, rather than less.

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  1. Most of us just pick up a brace or order online whenever we have a knee injury or knee pain. We do not consider the types and which one is right. The information from this blog is helpful and can learn the types of braces so that it can help in purchasing one to treat a knee injury. Thank you for the information.

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